Seat Leon >> Exploded view - rear brake calliper

Assembly overview - rear brake calliper, vehicles with manual parking brake

  1. - Air drain plug, 10 Nm
    • Before tightening, apply a fine layer of assembly paste to the screw thread .
  2. - Protective cap
  3. - Bolt, 35 Nm
    • Self-locking
    • Replace after each removal
    • When loosening and tightening, lock the guide pin
  4. - Brake caliper housing with lever for the handbrake cable
    • If the hand brake cable lever is not sealed, then replace the calliper housing.
    • After repairing, carry out an initial purge on the brake calliper housing
  5. - Guide pin
    • Grease before fitting the protective hood
  6. - Protective cap
    • Fit to the brake plate and to the guide pin
  7. - Brake back plate with guide pins and protective cover
    • Delivered as assembled part, with sufficient grease on the guide pins
    • If the protective covers or the guide pins are damaged, then the repair kit must be fitted. Use grease sachet supplied to lubricate the guide pins.
  8. - Protective cap
    • Fit with the outer sealing lip on the piston
  9. - Piston with automatic readjustment device
    • Remove and install
    • Apply a thin coating of assembly paste to the piston
  10. - Oil seal
    • Take care not to damage when inserting piston.
    • Remove and install

Assembly overview - rear brake calliper, vehicles with electronic parking brake

  • When carrying out repairs, install all parts supplied in repair kit.
  • Use only methylated spirits for cleaning the brake.
  • New brake calipers are filled with brake fluid and are pre-bled.

Brakes - hydraulics

  1. - Brake calliper
  2. - Damper bushes
  3. - Guide pin
  4. - Hoods
  5. - Hexagon socket head bolt
    • 8 Nm
  6. - Parking brake motor.
  7. - Seal
    • Renew
  8. - Compressor nut
    • Removing and installing not possible.
  9. - Seal
    • Removing and installing not possible.
  10. - Piston
    • Removing and installing not possible.
  11. - Protective cap
    • Remove and install
      Note Brake caliper does not need to be removed in order to renew protective cap; do not unbolt break hose.
  12. - Bleeder screw
    • Apply thin coat of assembly paste G 052 150 A2 to thread before screwing in.
    • 10 Nm
  13. - Grease cap
    Removing and installing brake calliper pistons, vehicles with manual parking brake
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