Seat Leon >> Removing and installing parking brake motor -V282- / -V283-

SEAT Leon Service and Repair Manual / Brake system / Brakes - mechanism / Handbrake / Removing and installing parking brake motor -V282- / -V283-

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Vehicle diagnosis tester
  • Torque wrenches - V.A.G 1331-

Brakes - mechanism

  • Lithium grease - G 052 150 A2-.


Note Switch off ignition for at least 30 seconds before disconnecting connector.

  • Detach connector -1-.
  • Unscrew both hexagon socket head bolts -arrows- from parking brake motor.
  • Remove parking brake motor from brake caliper, turning parking brake motor back and forth slightly.
  • Remove the seal ring.

Brakes - mechanism


Note Renew seal after removing.

  • The annular groove of the seal and contact surface of the parking brake motor must not be damaged.
  • Clean annular groove and contact surface of parking brake motor.
  • Apply some lithium grease - G 052 150 A2- on the new seal and fit it without turning or damaging it.

Brakes - mechanism

  • Push away the drive shaft using an E11 Torx socket -A- until the parking brake motor can be used.

The sealing ring must not be allowed to turn out while the parking brake motor is being installed!

  • Carefully push parking brake motor onto brake caliper, while ensuring that seal is seated correctly.
  • Turn parking brake motor until bolt hole and thread align.
  • The parking brake motor must align with the brake caliper, it must not be pressed against the brake caliper with the bolt.
  • Position hexagon socket head bolts -arrows- by hand and tighten them.
  • Fit connector -1-.
  • Carry out basic setting of brake system using - Vehicle diagnostic tester.

Brakes - mechanism

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