Seat Leon >> Assembly overview - steering column


  • Always replace self locking nuts following their removal.
  • Always renew corroded nuts and bolts.
  • Replace the nuts and screws that are tightened with specified tightening angle.


  1. - Central tube of the dash panel
  2. - Shear bolt
  3. - Steering column
    • Removing and installing
    • When installing, steering column must be engaged at mounting bracket for central tube for dash panel (assists with installation).
    • Different versions possible.
  4. - Bolt
    • 20 Nm
    • Always renew after removing
  5. - Steering lock housing with lock cylinder and ignition/starter switch
    • Version for vehicles with mechanical locking system.

      Removing and installing

    • Version for vehicles with keyless entry and start system "Keyless Access": Removing and installing
  6. - Bolt
    • Observe tightening sequence
    • Always renew after removing
    • 20 Nm
  7. - Bolt
    • 20 Nm +90º
    • Replace after removing
    • Clean threaded hole (e.g. with a thread tap) before fitting new bolt

Checking steering column for damage

Visual inspection

  • Check all steering column parts for damage.

Checking function

  • Check that steering column turns smoothly and easily.
  • Check whether steering column can be moved in the longitudinal direction and vertically.
    Handling and transporting steering column
    WARNING These instructions for handling the steering column MUST be observed at all times. Incorrect handling can damage the steering column and thus cause a safety risk. ...

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