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The causes for the unevenness during the journey are varied: ride disturbance may also be caused by tyre wear. Tyre wear caused by driving is not always evenly spread across the entire running surface of the tyre. This causes slight imbalances which affect the smooth running of a wheel which was previously exactly balanced.

These small imbalanced actions cannot be perceived on the steering wheel, but they are there. They increase tyre wear and reduce the operating life of the tyres.


To ensure

  • optimum safety
  • smoothest possible running and
  • equal wear

throughout a tyres service life, we recommend having the wheels and tyres balanced at least twice during the tyres service life.

Conducting a road test before balancing wheels

If a complaint is received for "imbalance while driving" the vehicle should be taken for a test drive before starting the balancing.

  • With this, the reason for uneven running is determined.
  • You will be able to determine the speed range in which rough running occurs.


  • Raise the vehicle on a lifting platform immediately after the road test.
  • Mark installation position on tyre.

Wheels, tyres, vehicle geometry

  • Unbolt wheels from vehicle.
  • Balance wheels.
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