Seat Leon >> Front axle camber: correction

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Torque wrenches - V.A.G 1332-

Wheels, tyres, vehicle geometry


  • Camber correction is necessary only after body repairs. Camber cannot be adjusted. It can be determined however, by moving the subframe slightly!
  • Move subframe only to left or right, but never in or opposite to direction of normal travel!


  • Remove noise insulation.
  • Undo bolt -1- and screw a new one in loosely.
  • Undo bolt -2- and screw a new one in loosely.
  • Undo bolt -3- and screw a new one in loosely.
  • Undo bolt -4- and screw a new one in loosely.

Wheels, tyres, vehicle geometry

The camber adjustment range is limited by the tolerances of the holes in the subframe. If the specified value is not reached by shifting the subframe, this and the body must be inspected.

  • Now camber may be adjusted to specification by moving subframe.
  • Move subframe -5- sideways until camber is the same on both sides.
  • Tighten subframe bolts -1-, -2-, -3- and -4-.

After shifting the subframe, clearance between the steering column universal joint and the cut-out in the bulkhead must be checked.

  • Unscrew bolt -1- and fold footwell covering -2- in direction of arrow towards vehicle interior.

Wheels, tyres, vehicle geometry

There must be a clearance of 5 mm all round between universal joint -1- and cut-out in bulkhead -2-.

Specified torques

  • Bolts for noise insulation .

Wheels, tyres, vehicle geometry

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