Seat Leon >> Notes for wheel alignment

The alignment of the vehicle axles should only be carried out using measurement equipment authorised by SEAT! Both the rear and the front axle have to be measured.

If not, there is no guarantee that the performance of the vehicle will be correct.

  • Use the alignment computer to align the axles.

All the information on wheel alignment can be found in the wheel alignment computer.

If not, the rack and pinion may not be centred.


  • Wheel alignment should not be checked before the vehicle has completed 1,000 to 2,000 km because the coil springs must settle.
  • When making adjustments, adhere to the relevant specifications as closely as possible.
  • Whenever adjustments are made to the running gear, always check whether any driver assist systems must be recalibrated following the adjustments.

Vehicles pulling to one side; accident vehicles

This may be due to the rack in the steering box not being positioned exactly in the centre when driving in a straight line.

Power steering assistance is thereby one sided slightly, rather than central. This will cause the vehicle to drift.

Always check centre position of steering rack when performing wheel alignment on a vehicle which "pulls to one side".


If adjustments are made to the suspension geometry, the steering angle sender - G85- must be calibrated on vehicles with ESP or ABS - diagnostic tester .



All bolts and nuts must be fully tightened according to specifications before the vehicle is driven on public roads.



Risk of injury due to automatic engine start on vehicles with Start-Stop system.

  • On vehicles with activated start/stop system (indicated by a symbol in the instrument cluster) the engine can start automatically under certain conditions.
  • Therefore it is important to ensure that the start/stop system is deactivated when performing repairs (switch the ignition off, and if required switch the ignition on again).

Test requirements

  • Check wheel suspension, wheel bearing and steering for excessive play and damage.
  • Tread depth difference of no more than 2 mm on one axle.
  • Tyres inflated to correct pressures.
  • Vehicle unladen.
  • The fuel tank should be full
  • Spare wheel and vehicle tools are stowed in correct locations.
  • Windscreen washer fluid reservoir must be full.
  • When checking wheel alignment, ensure that sliding plates and turntables are not touching end stop.

Please note the following:

  • The test equipment must be properly adjusted and attached to the vehicle; observe device manufacturer's operating instructions.

If necessary, ask the manufacturer to show you how to use the wheel alignment machine.

Wheel alignment platforms and wheel alignment computers can lose their original calibration over a period of time.

Wheel alignment platforms and computers should be checked and adjusted as necessary during inspection and maintenance at least once per year!

  • Handle these highly sensitive devices carefully and conscientiously.
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