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Safety precautions when working on vehicles with a start/stop system


All bolts and nuts must be fully tightened according to specifications before the vehicle is driven on public roads.



There is a risk of an accident through an automatic engine start on vehicles with start/stop system.

  • On vehicles with an active start/stop system the engine may start automatically.
  • When working on the vehicle, it is therefore important to ensure that the start/stop system is deactivated (switch off ignition and switch on again if required).

Safety precautions when working on subframe

  • No welding or straightening work can be done on the support and guide elements of the wheel guide system.
  • Always renew corroded nuts and bolts.
  • Bonded rubber bushes can only be turned to a limited extent.

    Therefore, tighten the bolted connections of components with bonded rubber bushes only when the wheel bearing housing has been raised (unladen state).

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