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Only vehicles approved by SEAT or retrofitted for use with biodiesel (PR No. 2G0), may be operated with biodiesel.


If biodiesel is used in a normal engine then the fuel system will be damaged.

When using biodiesel, only use fuel conforming to DIN EN 14214 (FAME, Fatty Acid Methyl Ester).

If another biodiesel is used and then the fuel filter may be obstructed.

The biodiesel used must conform to the standard DIN EN 14214 (FAME).

  • RME stands for Rape Methyl Ester.
  • DIN stands for "Deutsches Institut für Normung" , the German Institute of standardization.
  • EN is the abbreviation for Euro-Norm (European Standard).
  • FAME is the abbreviation for "Fatty Acid Methyl Ester".
  • The PR number 2G0 on the data label indicates that the vehicle has been equipped to use biodiesel.

Characteristics of RME biodiesel.

  • Vehicle performance may be reduced using biodiesel.
  • Fuel consumption may increase slightly.
  • RME keeps combustion characteristics until about -10 ºC.
  • When the temperature falls below -10 ºC, refuel using winter grade diesel.

NOTICE When biodiesel is used, drainage and fuel filter changes must be more frequent If the vehicle is to remain about two weeks or more without being used that it is recommended to use normal diesel for about 50 km in order to protect the injection system.

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