Seat Leon >> Engine code and engine number

NOTICE The engine number consists of up to nine (alphanumeric) characters.

The first section (maximum of thee letters) are the "engine code"; the second section (6 digits) are the "serial number".

When more than 999 999 engines with the same code were manufactured, the first digit is replaced by a letter.

The "engine code" can is also given on the vehicle data stickers in the Service Schedule and in the spare wheel well or on the luggage compartment floor.

There is also a sticker on the notched belt guard giving the engine code and engine number.

Petrol engines:

The engine number ("Engine code" and "Serial number") can be found on the left on the joint between engine and gearbox -arrow-.

Diesel engines:

The engine number ("engine code" and "serial number") is at the front of the join between engine and gearbox -arrow-.


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