Seat Leon >> Particulate filter: checking

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Vehicle diagnosis tester

Work sequence

NOTICE If no indications are displayed on the screen during these operations: - operating instructions vehicle diagnosis tester .

ODIS Service

  • Connecting diagnosis tester.
  • Switch on the ignition.
  • Carry out identification of vehicle.
  • Deselect "Using guided fault finding".
  • Select "Control unit".
  • Select "Engine control module".
  • Select "Identify control unit".
  • Select "Guided Functions".
  • Select "check particulate filter for soot clogging".
  • Follow instructions on vehicle diagnostic tester in "Guided functions" mode.


  • Switch off the ignition and the vehicle diagnostic and service information system .

Exhaust gas installation: check fixings and ensure absence of leaks and damage

Visually check the components which have an influence on the exhaust gases

  • Vacuum hoses, connected
  • Lambda sensor
  • Activate carbon filter system tubes connected
  • Catalytic converter present and undamaged
  • No exhaust leaks
  • The exhaust gas system must be correctly adjusted and free of tension
  • The secondary air system must be free of leaks

NOTICE If faults are found they must be repaired.

Performing exhaustive test drive

Which of the following can be checked depends on vehicle equipment and local conditions (urban/country).

Check the following during a road test:

  • Engine: Output, misfiring, idling speed, acceleration.
  • Clutch: pulling away, pedal pressure and smell.
  • Gear selection: Ease of operation, stick position.
  • Automatic gearbox: selector lever position, shift-lock / ignition key removal lock, switching performance and display in the instrument cluster
  • Foot and parking brake: operation, unladen travel and efficiency, deviation, vibration and squeaks.
  • ABS function: when braking with the ABS regulating, vibration should be felt through the brake pedal.
  • Steering: Function, steering free clearance, steering wheel centred when vehicle is travelling straight ahead
  • Panoramic roof: operation test.
  • Cruise control system: operation
  • Radio and navigation system: operation, tuning and interference.
  • Multi-function indicator (MFI): Functions
  • Air conditioner (heating): check functioning.
  • Vehicle: Pulling to one side when travelling straight-ahead (level road)
  • Imbalance: Wheels, drive shafts, propshaft
  • Wheel bearings: Noises
  • Engine: Hot starting behaviour
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