Seat Leon >> Wheel securing bolts: Tighten to specified torque

SEAT Leon Service and Repair Manual / Maintenance / Description of work / Wheel securing bolts: Tighten to specified torque

At the delivery inspection

  • Loosen / tighten the anti-theft wheel bolts
  • Tightening wheel bolts
  • Install wheel centre trim, wheel bolt cover caps and wheel cover

Loosen / tighten the anti-theft wheel bolts.

NOTICE To loosen or tighten the anti-theft wheel bolts, you need a special adapter that is part of the on-board tools.

You are not allowed to not use an impact screwdriver to loosen the anti-theft wheel bolts (bolts with lock).

If there is no adapter in the vehicle for tightening / loosening the anti-theft wheel bolts, use the respective main kit for the wheel bolts.


Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Torque wrench - VAG 1332-


  • Adapter set for tamper-proof wheel bolts - T20213-

  • Push adapter -2- into anti-theft wheel bolt -1- onto stop.
  • Push wheel brace onto adapter -2- onto stop.

Tightening wheel bolts:

  • Tighten the wheel bolts diagonally and alternately to the following torque setting:
    • 120 Nm



Never use an impact screwdriver for tightening the wheel bolts.

Install wheel centre trim, wheel bolt cover caps and wheel cover:

  • Press the wheel hub cover in the intended opening of the wheel hub. Ensure that -A and B- are accurately fitted on rim.


Install the wheel bolt caps.


Press the wheel trim equally onto the steel rim. Make sure that valve -B- seats in cut-out -A- of wheel trim.

NOTICE After finishing the work, duly deposit the anti-theft bolt with the vehicle tool kit.


Anti-puncture kit: check expiry date on sealed bottle, and replace if necessary

NOTICE The breakdown set is located in the cavity of the spare tyre.

The breakdown set includes a tyre sealant bottle, among other things.

Expiration date

  • Check the expiration date.

The use-by date is on a sticker on the bottle of tyre sealant -arrow-

  • If the expiration date has been exceeded, replace the tyre sealant (the tyre sealant expires after 4 years).

NOTICE The bottle must be replaced after use.

Observe environmental requirements for disposal.

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