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NOTICE On vehicles with all-wheel drive coupling the drain plugs and sealing plugs of both systems are often interchanged, due to the integrated housing construction of all-wheel drive coupling and final drive. Caution must be exercised during maintenance and servicing, as incorrect fitting can cause the all-wheel drive coupling and the final drive to fail.

The all-wheel drive coupling and the final drive are one system with separate oil circuits.

  1. - Oil filler neck plug for all-wheel drive coupling.
  2. - Oil drain plug for all-wheel drive coupling.
  3. - Filler neck plug for axle oil.
  4. - Drain plug for axle oil.


Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Torque wrench - VAG 1331-


  • Drip tray - VAS 6208-


  • Filling device - VAS 6291A-

  • Temperature measuring device - VAS 6519-

  • Oil extraction unit - VAS 6622A

Draining oil

  • Raise the vehicle with the lifting platform and place the old oil pan and extraction unit - VAS 6622A- under the all-wheel drive coupling.
  • Unscrew oil drain plug -2- and fully drain high performance oil.
  • Screw on a new oil drain plug with a new seal and tighten with the tightening torque. Oil drain plug is fitted with captive seal.


Tightening torques Nm
Oil drain plug 30

Fill oil

  • Remove oil filler plug -1-.


  • Separate angled piece -B- from adapter -A- and screw adapter fully in oil filler hole.
  • Reconnect angled piece and route hose above drive shaft to prevent sagging.
  • Place tray - VAS 6208- below final drive.
  • The vehicle can be lowered as soon as the hose above the rear left wheel leads away from the vehicle.


NOTICE The prescribed temperature range for oil during oil level check is 20 ºC to 40 ºC.

Observe the temperature of oil container when topping up oil.

After topping up oil, the temperature gauge - VAS 6519- can be used for measuring oil temperature.

Oil capacity and oil specification.

  • Screw the oil reservoir -A- with the valve closed -arrow- to the filling device for all-wheel drive coupling - VAS 6291A- .
  • Open valve -arrow- and hold oil container as shown in the illustration.
  • Fill the oil with the filling device for all-wheel drive coupling - VAS 6291A- until it overflows between the adapter and the gear housing.


  • Remove the filling device for all-wheel drive coupling - VAS 6291A- .
  • Unscrew adapter -A-.
  • Let any excess oil flow out until it is only dripping out of hole.

The oil level is correct if oil is dripping out of the oil filler hole.


  • Screw in new oil filler plug -arrow- with captive seal and tighten it to specified torque.


Tightening torques Nm
Oil filler plug 15

Ensure adherence to prescribed temperature range during oil level check, if oil temperature was not within prescribed temperature range of 20 ºC to 40 ºC when topping up oil.

The oil temperature can be measured using temperature gauge - VAS 6519- .

If the oil temperature is not between 20 and 40 ºC, the temperature must be reached by warming up or cooling down.

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