Seat Leon >> Fitting location overview - front servomotors

Installation location overview - front control motors, manually controlled electric air conditioning system

Air conditioning system

  1. - Servomotor for temperature flap - V68-
    • With potentiometer for temperature flap control motor - G92-
    • Removing and fitting
  2. - Air distribution flap servomotor - V428-
    • With potentiometer for air distribution flap servomotor - G645- .
    • Removing and fitting
  3. - Servomotor for air recirculation flap - V113-
    • Removing and fitting

Fittings location overview - front control motors, Climatronic

In vehicles with a Start/Stop system, note the abort conditions.

Air conditioning system

  1. - Left temperature flap servomotor - V158-
    • With potentiometer for left temperature flap servomotor - G220- .
    • Removing and fitting
  2. - Front air distribution flap servomotor - V426-
    • With potentiometer for front air distribution flap servomotor - G642- .
    • Removing and fitting
  3. - Servomotor for fresh air and air recirculation flap and air flow flap - V425-
    • With potentiometer for fresh air/recirculated air and air flow flap servomotor - G644-
    • Removing and fitting
  4. - Right temperature flap servomotor - V159-
    • With potentiometer for right temperature flap servomotor - G221-
    • Removing and fitting
  5. - Defroster flap servomotor - V107-
    • With potentiometer for defroster flap servomotor - G135- .
    • Removing and fitting
    Removing and installing temperature flap servomotor - V68-
    WARNINGRisk of injury from knee airbag. Before working in the area of pyrotechnic components, the person doing the work must ensure "static discharge". Heed the safety precautio ...

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