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Repair notes

Instructions for general repairs

Repairing cables and plug connections.

Release and dismantle connector housing .

Repair antenna cables.

Vehicle diagnostic, testing and information system.

Notes on repair of CAN bus wiring

Repair CAN data bus cables.

Transmitting power and aerial fitting locations

Note Installation of aerials on bumpers is now prohibited by law. This improves pedestrian protection during accidents.

Technical data

Technical data

1) PEAK = peak envelope power (max. carrier power)
2) effective = effective transmitting power


  • Deviations from these specifications (aerial fitting location, frequency, power) are permitted only in specially justified exceptions following a single-case test performed by the EMC Centre of the VW AG in Wolfsburg.
  • EMC = electromagnetic compatibility.
    See also:

    Removing and installing amplitude modulation (AM) R177 frequency filter
    removing Switch off ignition and all electrical equipment. Vehicles without access and start authorisation system Remove ignition key, if fitted. Vehicles with access and start authorisa ...