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What you must do before changing a wheel.

– If you have a flat tyre or puncture, park the vehicle as far away from the flow of traffic as possible. Choose a location that is as level as possible.
– All passengers should leave the vehicle. They should wait in a safe area (for instance behind the roadside crash barrier).
– Switch off the engine. Switch on the hazard warning lights.
– Apply the handbrake firmly.
– Engage the first gear, or put the selector lever to position P for those vehicles with an automatic gearbox.
– If you are towing a trailer, unhitch it from your vehicle.
– Take the vehicle tools and the spare wheel out of the luggage compartment.


Put the hazard warning lights on and place the warning triangle in position.

This is for your own safety and also warns other road users.

If you have to change the wheel on a gradient, block the wheel opposite the wheel being changed by placing a stone or similar object under it to prevent the vehicle from rolling away.

Please observe legal requirements when doing so.

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