Seat Leon >> Closing the bonnet

– Raise the bonnet slightly.
– Release the bonnet stay and replace it in its support.
– At a height of about 30 cm let it fall so it is locked.

If the bonnet does not close, do not press downwards. Open it once more and let it fall as before.


If the bonnet is not closed properly, it could open while you are driving and completely obscure your view of the road. Risk of accident.

• After closing the bonnet, always check that it is properly secured. The bonnet must be flush with the surrounding body panels.
• If you notice that the bonnet latch is not secured when the vehicle is moving, stop the vehicle immediately and close the bonnet properly. Risk of accident.

    Opening the bonnet
    The bonnet is released from inside the vehicle. Fig. 141 Detail of the foot well: The release lever for the bonnet is located in the driver side foot well Fig. 142 Arrester hook for bonnet. ...

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