Seat Leon >> Running-in tyres and brake pads

New tyres should be run-in carefully for the first 500 km. New brake pads should be run-in carefully for the first 200 km.

During the first 200 km, you can compensate for the reduced braking effect by applying more pressure to the brake pedal. If you need to make an emergency stop, the braking distance will be longer with new brake pads than with brake pads that have been run-in.


• New tyres do not give maximum grip to start with, and require runningin.

This may cause an accident. Drive particularly carefully in the first 500 km.
• New brake pads must be “run-in” and do not have the correct friction properties during the first 200 km. However, the reduced braking capacity may be compensated by pressing on the brake pedal a little harder.

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