Seat Leon >> Overview of the drive force

Transmission layout - front-wheel drive


-Arrows- point in direction of travel.

  1. - Engine
  2. - Clutch
  3. - Manual gearbox
  4. - Input shaft
  5. - Secondary shaft
  6. - Differential:

Technical data


-Arrows- point in direction of travel.

I - 1st gear
II - 2nd gear
III - 3rd gear
IV - 4th gear
V - 5th gear
R - speed in reverse
A - Final drive:

Electrical components

Fitting location overview - electrical components, manual gearbox

Technical data

  1. - Reversing light switch - F4-
    • Fitting location: beneath starter
    • Removing and installing
  2. - Gearbox neutral position sender - G701-
    • Location: In area of selector unit beneath angled rod for securing selector shaft
    • Removing and installing

Fitting location overview - electrical components, clutch mechanism

Clutch position sender - G476- -arrow-

Location: in passenger compartment on clutch master cylinder.

Removing and installing the clutch position sender - G476-

Technical data

    Repair instructions
    Notes on general repairs Extremely careful way of working as well as the highest possible cleanliness are necessary to ensure the trouble free repairing of the gearbox. Furthermore, the tools must ...


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