Seat Leon >> 1.6 l MPI engines


  • Pull air hose -1- off upper part of air filter.
  • Undo and remove bolts -arrows- from upper part of air filter.
  • Lift off upper part of air filter -3- and move aside complete with hoses.
  • Remove the air filter cartridge -2-.


  • Check housing and water drains for soiling, clean them, if necessary.
  • Insert air filter element -2- centrally into mounting in lower part of air filter.
  • Carefully fit upper part of air filter -3- onto lower part of air filter without applying excessive force. Screw in securing bolts and tighten them to specified torque.
  • Fit air hose -1- onto upper part of air filter again.



    1.2l and 1.4I TSI engines
    Removing Remove air hose -2- from air mass sensor upper section -1-. Open hose clips -3- and -4-. Lift air filter housing -1- off upwards from the ball studs. Remove the air conduit ducts -1 ...

    1.8 l and 2.0 I TSI engines
    Removing Pull vacuum hose -1- off air filter upper part. Unscrew the fixing screws -arrows- and lift the upper section of the air filter in the direction of the side with the complete air du ...

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