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An incorrect sitting position can lead to severe injuries to occupants.

Seat belts can provide optimal protection only when the belt webs are properly positioned. Incorrect sitting positions substantially reduce the protective function of seat belts and increase the risk of injury due to incorrect belt web position. As the driver, you are responsible for all vehicle occupants, especially children.

– Never permit anyone to assume an incorrect sitting position in the vehicle while travelling The following list contains examples of sitting positions that could be.

The following list contains examples of sitting positions that could be dangerous for all occupants. The list is not complete, but we would like to make you aware of this issue.

Therefore, whenever the vehicle is in motion:
• never stand in the vehicle,
• never stand on the seats,
• never kneel on the seats,
• never tilt your backrest far to the rear,
• never lean against the dash panel,
• never lie on the rear bench,
• never sit on the front edge of a seat,
• never sit sideways,
• never lean out of a window,
• never put your feet out of a window,
• never put your feet on the dash panel,
• never put your feet on the surface of a seat,
• never travel in a foot well,
• never travel on a seat without wearing the seat belt, • never carry any person in the luggage compartment.


• Every incorrect sitting position increases the risk of severe injuries.
• Sitting in an incorrect position exposes the occupants to severe injuries if airbags deploy, striking an occupant who has assumed an incorrect sitting position.
• Before the vehicle moves, assume the proper sitting position and maintain it throughout the trip. Before every trip, instruct your passengers to assume the proper sitting position and to maintain it during the trip  “Proper sitting position for occupants”.

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