Seat Leon >> Foreword

This owner's manual and the corresponding supplements should be read carefully to familiarise yourself with your vehicle.

Also, the regular care, maintenance and correct handling of the vehicle will contribute to preserve its value.

For safety reasons, note the information concerning accessories, modifications and parts exchange. If selling the vehicle, give all of the onboard documentation to the new owner as this should be kept with the vehicle.

    The structure of this manual
    Before reading this manual it must be understood This manual describes the vehicle equipment at the time of publication. Some of the equipment described here will not be available until a later da ...

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    Repairing subframe
    Special tools and workshop equipment required attachment tool - T10205- Torque wrenches - V.A.G 1332- Hydraulic press - VAS 6178- Foot pump - VAS 6179- attachment tool - VAS 6779- ...