Seat Leon >> Handling and transporting steering column

  • These instructions for handling the steering column MUST be observed at all times.
  • Incorrect handling can damage the steering column and thus cause a safety risk.

Correct handling and transporting of the steering column

  • Use both hands to transport steering column.
  • Hold steering column upper jacket tube and in area of upper universal joint.


Improper handling of steering column

Carrying the steering column by the following parts will cause damage:

  1. - Locking lever
  2. - Balance springs
  3. - Deformation element


Incorrect handling of the steering column with safety risk

The bushes of the universal joint at the lower steering column bearing will be damaged by:

  • Picking up and carrying the steering column by the jointed shaft with one hand.
  • Bending the universal joints further than 90Вє.


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