Seat Leon >> Removing and installing voltage regulator

Voltage regulator: removing and installing - manufacturer: Bosch .

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Torque screwdriver - V.A.G 1624-

Starter, current supply, CCS


  • Remove alternator
  • Carefully lever off protective cap -1- from alternator - C- .

Starter, current supply, CCS

  • Unscrew securing bolts -arrows- for voltage regulator - C1- .
  • Remove voltage regulator - C1- from alternator - C- .


Installation is carried out in the reverse sequence; note the following:

Specified torques

Starter, current supply, CCS

Voltage regulator: removing and installing, manufacturer: Valeo .


  • Remove alternator.
  • Disengage cover of rear part of alternator from studs -arrows-.

  • Unscrew bolt -1- and double bolt -2-.
  • Remove voltage regulator.


  • Remove protective cap -2- of voltage regulator -1- by pressing in -direction of arrow-.
  • When fitting the voltage regulator, take care that the brushes are correctly applied to the contact surfaces.
  • Reattach protective cap on installed voltage regulator.

Perform remaining installation in reverse order of removal.

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