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New panes of glass have the following characteristics:

  • You make a reference line on the inside in order to make the application of the adhesive sealing material (PUR) easier.
  • The area marked does not have a primer layer.

Proceed with preparation of a glass for installation according to the following instructions:

  • Clean a 20 mm wide strip round the edge of the glass surface with cleaning solvent - D 009 401 04- .
  • Then rub edge of window dry using a lint-free cloth.

Ceramic coating on window is not a primer! Before applying the adhesive sealing material (PUR), the adhesive surface must always be primed! Only use primer (Glass/Paint) - D 009 200 02- .

  • Apply evenly on the glass area -1- a coat of primer (Glass/ Paint) - D 009 200 02- -4- by using an applicator - D 009 500 25- -3-.

Note Where a glass with surrounding profile or sealing lip -2- is concerned, note that when applying the adhesive to the primer coat a distance of around 2 mm to the aforementioned profile is to be observed.

  • Flashing-off time, approx. 10 minutes.
  • Apply the PUR adhesive sealing material.

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