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Checking height adjustment


  • Front glass panel must only be adjusted at front edge -1- and rear glass panel at rear edge -2-.
  • To achieve the best possible optical appearance, ensure that adjustments on left and right are as far as is possible uniform (symmetric).


Checking height adjustment

  • Using a depth gauge, check the setting of the front glass cover -1- and rear glass cover -2-.

If measured values differ from specifications, respective glass panel must be adjusted.

Adjusting front glass panel

Note The glass panel height adjustment is performed after the glass panel has been closed from slide open position.

  • Remove trims .
  • Only unscrew two front bolts -2- on the left and right,
  • Close glass panel.


  • Adjust glass panel -1- according to illustration.
    • Dimension -a- : 1.7 +- 0.7 mm
    • Dimension -b-: 0.5 + 0.8 - 0.5 mm
  • Insert and tighten screws on left and right, 5 Nm.
  • Installing trim.

Adjusting rear glass panel

  • Pull inner seal -3- inwards slightly at indicated points -arrows- and undo bolts -2-.


  • Adjust rear glass panel -2- according to illustration.
    • Dimension -c- : 0.8 +- 0.7 mm
  • Insert and tighten screws on left and right, 5 Nm.

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