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Note If you must remove a defective engine while the panoramic window is closed, please proceed as described.

  • Remove the cover of the roller blind.
  • Disconnect the electrical plug connector from the engine.
  • Remove the screws -arrows- and the engine from its seat by lifting it up.



Fit in reverse order from removal, remembering the following:

Note When removing the engine, the retaining tabs -1- may loosen.

  • Before mounting the engine, install the retaining tab correctly to the frame of the actuating mechanism.
  • Use the tightening torque of the screws


  • If removing and reinstalling the same operating engine with control unit, some basic adjustments need to be made.
  • If replacing the engine, the new engine must also be coded in addition to making basic adjustments. For this purpose use the vehicle diagnosis tester.
  • Check that the slide/tilting sunroof is functioning properly.
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