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Tyre pressure, snow chains, wheel bolts

Tyre pressures
The sticker with the tyre pressure values can be found on the inside of the tank flap. The tyre pressure values given there are for cold tyres. The slightly raised pressures of warm tyres must not be reduced Snow chains.

Snow chains
Snow chains may be fitted only to the front wheels.

Consult the chapter “wheels” of this manual.

Wheel bolts
After the wheels have been changed, the tightening torque of the wheel bolts should be checked as soon as possible with a torque wrench torque for steel and alloy wheels is 120 Nm.. The tightening torque for steel and alloy wheels is 120 Nm.


• Check the tyre pressure at least once per month. Correct tyre pressure is very important. If the tyre pressure is too high or too low, there is an increased danger of accidents, particularly at high speeds.
• If the torque of the wheel bolts is too low, they could loosen whilst the vehicle is in motion. Risk of accident! If the tightening torque is too high, the wheel bolts and threads could be damaged.

We recommend that you ask your Authorised Service Centre for information about appropriate wheel, tyre and snow chain size.

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