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Top up gradually with small quantities of oil.

Fig. 145 In the engine

Fig. 145 In the engine compartment: Engine oil filler cap

Before opening the bonnet, read and observe the warnings 􀂟 in “Safety instructions on working in the engine compartment”.

– Unscrew cap from oil filler opening  fig. 145.
– Top-up oil in small amounts, using the correct oil.
– To avoid over-filling with engine oil, you should top-up using small quantities, wait a while and check the oil level before adding any more oil.
– As soon as the oil level is in area D, carefully close the cap.

The position of the oil filler opening is shown in the corresponding engine compartment diagram.

Engine oil specification.


Oil is highly inflammable! Ensure that no oil comes into contact with hot engine components when topping up.

If the oil level is above the area A do not start the engine. This could result in damage to the engine and catalytic converter. Contact a qualified workshop.

For the sake of the environment
The oil level must never be above area A. Otherwise oil can be drawn in through the crankcase breather and escape into the atmosphere via the exhaust system.

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