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The engine oil used must conform with exact specifications.

The engine comes with a special, high quality, multi grade oil that can be used in all seasons of the year except for those regions affected by extreme cold.

As the use of high quality oil is essential for the correct operation of the engine and its long useful life, when topping up or replacement is necessary, use only those oils that conform to the requirements of the VW standards.

If it is not possible to find oil conforming to the VW standards then oil conforming to the ACEA or API standards with an appropriate viscosity at atmospheric temperature should be used instead. The use of this type of oil may have some repercussions on the performance of the engine for example, long starting time, increased consumption and a higher emission level.

If a top up is required then different oils may be mixed as long as they all conform to the VW standards.

The specifications (VW standards) set out in the following page should appear on the container of the service oil; the container will display together the different standards for petrol and diesel engines, the oil can be used for both types of engines.

    Oil properties
    Fig. 143 Types of oil according to temperature Viscosity The viscosity class of the oil is selected according to the diagram. When the ambient temperature falls outside the limits of the scale ...

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