Seat Leon >> Cleaning alloy wheels

Every two weeks
– Wash salt and brake dust from alloy wheels.
– Use an acid free detergent to clean the wheels.

Every three months
– Apply a hard wax compound to the wheels.

Alloy wheels require regular attention to preserve their appearance. It is important to remove road salt and brake dust by washing the wheels at regular intervals, otherwise the finish will be impaired.

Always use an acid-free detergent for alloy wheels.

Car polish or other abrasive agents should not be used. If the protective coating is damaged, e.g. by stone impact, the damaged area should be repaired immediately.


• Never wash tyres with a cylindrical jet. Even at large spraying distances and short cleaning times, visible and invisible damage can occur to the tyres. This may cause an accident.
• Moisture, ice and salt on the brakes may affect braking efficiency. Risk of accident. If possible, avoid sudden braking immediately after washing the vehicle. You must “dry” the brakes by applying the brakes carefully several times  “Braking effect and braking distance”.

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