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Running-in a new engine

The engine needs to be run-in over the first 1,500 km.

Up to 1,000 kilometres
– Do not drive faster than three quarters of top speed.
– Do not accelerate hard.
– Avoid high engine revolutions.
– Do not tow a trailer.

From 1000 to 1500 km
– Speeds can be gradually increased to the maximum road speed or maximum permissible engine speed (rpm).

During its first few hours of running, the internal friction in the engine is greater than later on when all the moving parts have bedded in.

For the sake of the environment
If the engine is run-in gently, the life of the engine will be increased and its oil consumption reduced.

Running-in tyres and brake pads
New tyres should be run-in carefully for the first 500 km. New brake pads should be run-in carefully for the first 200 km. During the first 200 km, you can compensate for the reduced braking effect ...

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