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The cruise control system is able to maintain the set speed in the range from approx. 30 km/h to 180 km/h.

Once the speed setting has been saved, you may take your foot off the accelerator.


It could be dangerous to use the cruise control system if it is not possible to drive at constant speed.

• For safety reasons the cruise control system should not be used in dense traffic, in sections with bends or where roads conditions are poor (e.g. aquaplaning, loose chippings, slippery surfaces, snow). Risk of accident.
• Always switch off the CCS when you have finished using it. This will prevent you using it by mistake.
• It is dangerous to use a set speed which is too high for the current road, traffic or weather conditions. Risk of accident.

The cruise control cannot maintain a constant speed when descending gradients.

The vehicle will accelerate under its own weight. Use the foot brake to slow the vehicle.

    Switching the cruise control system on and off
    Fig. 125 Turn signal and main beam lever: Switch and rocker switch for CCS Switching on the system – Push the switch  fig. 125 B to the left to ON. Switching off the system – Either p ...

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