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The turn signal and main beam lever also operates the parking lights and the headlight flasher.

Fig. 76 Turn signal and

Fig. 76 Turn signal and main beam headlight lever

The turn signal and main beam headlight lever has the following functions:

Switching on the turn signals
– Move the lever all the way up  fig. 76 1 to indicate right, and all the way down 2 to indicate left.

Signalling a lane change
– Push the lever up 1 or down 2 to the point where you incur resistance and then release the lever. The turn signal will flash several times. The corresponding warning lamp will also flash.

Switching main beam on and off
– Turn the light switch to position – Press the lever forward  fig. 76 3 to switch on the.
– Press the lever forward  fig. 76 3 to switch on the main beams.
– Pull the lever back towards you to switch the main beam headlights off again.

Headlight flasher
– Pull the lever towards the steering wheel 4  to operate the flasher.

Switching on parking lights
– Switch off the ignition and remove the key from the lock.
– Move the lever up or down to turn on the right or left-hand parking lights respectively.


The main beam can dazzle other drivers. Risk of accident! Never use the main beam headlights or the headlight flasher if they could dazzle other drivers.

• The turn signals only work when the ignition is switched on. The corresponding warning lamp flashes in the combi-instrument. or The flashes in the combi-instrument. The warning lamp signals are operated, provided a flashes when the turn signals are operated, provided a trailer is correctly attached and connected to the vehicle. If a turn signal bulb is defective, the warning lamp flashes at double speed. If the trailer turn signal bulbs are damaged, warning lamp have the bulb replaced. does not light up. You should have the bulb replaced.
• The main beam headlights can only be switched on if the dipped beam headlights are already on. The warning lamp combiinstrument. then comes on in the combiinstrument.
• The headlight flasher comes on for as long as you pull the lever – even if no other lights are switched on. The warning lamp combi-instrument. then comes on in the combi-instrument.
• When the parking lights are switched on, the headlight and the rear light on the corresponding side of the vehicle light up. The parking lights will only work if the key is removed from the ignition. If the lights are switched on, a buzzer gives an audible warning while the driver door is open.
• If the turn signal lever is left on after the key has been taken out of the ignition lock, an acoustic signal sounds when the driver door is opened. This is a reminder to switch off the turn signal, unless of course you wish to leave the parking light on.

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