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Fig. 70 Detail of the

Fig. 70 Detail of the sunroof: rotary button for sliding/tilting sunroof

Fig. 71 Emergency

Fig. 71 Emergency closing handle

The sliding/tilting roof has a roll-back function which prevents larger objects getting trapped when the roof is closed. The roll-back function does not prevent fingers getting pinched against the roof opening. The sliding/tilting sunroof stops and opens again immediately if it is obstructed when closing.

If the sliding/tilting roof has been opened again by the roll-back function, it can be closed only by pressing the rotary button at the front in position A  fig. 70 until the sliding/tilting roof has closed fully. Please note that the sunroof will now close without the roll-back function.

Operation in the event of a breakdown
In the event of a breakdown, the sunroof may be closed manually.

• Remove the plastic cover by inserting a screwdriver in the rear section.
• Remove the lever from the cover fastening, insert it in the opening as far as possible (pushing against the spring) and close the sliding roof.
• Fit the lever back into position.

    Convenience closing*
    Using the door lock – Hold the key in the door lock of the driver's door in the locking position until the sliding/tilting sunroof is closed. – Release the key to interrupt this function. Usin ...

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