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The sliding/tilting sunroof is opened and closed using the rotary button when the ignition is switched on.

Fig. 69 Detail of the

Fig. 69 Detail of the sunroof: rotary button for sliding/tilting sunroof

Closing the sliding/tilting sunroof
– Turn the rotary button to position A fig. 69 Opening/tilting the sliding/tilting sunroof.

Opening/tilting the sliding/tilting sunroof
– Turn the rotary button to position B. The sunroof opens to the convenience position where wind noise is reduced.
– To open the roof further, turn the switch to position C and hold the switch in this position until the roof opens to the desired position.

Tilting the sliding/tilting sunroof
– Turn the rotary button to position D.

Always close the sliding/tilting roof fully if you park the vehicle or leave it unattended .

The sliding/tilting sunroof can be operated for up to about ten minutes after the ignition has been switched off, provided the driver door and the front passenger door are not opened.

Sunroof blind
The sunroof blind is opened together with the sliding/tilting roof. If required, it can be closed by hand when the sunroof is closed.


• Incorrect use of the sliding/tilting sunroof can result in injury.
• Never close the sliding/tilting sunroof without observing and ensuring it is clear, to do otherwise could cause serious injury to you and others.

Make sure that no one is in the path of the sliding/tilting sunroof.
• Always take the vehicle key with you when you leave the vehicle.
• Never leave children or disabled persons in the vehicle, particularly if they have access to the keys. Unsupervised use of a key could mean that the engine is started or that electrical equipment is used (e.g. electric sliding/tilting sunroof). Risk of accident! The doors can be locked using the remote control key. This could result in people being trapped in the vehicle in an emergency.
• The sliding/tilting sunroof continues to function until one of the front doors is opened and the key removed from the ignition.

    Convenience closing*
    Using the door lock – Hold the key in the door lock of the driver's door in the locking position until the sliding/tilting sunroof is closed. – Release the key to interrupt this function. Usin ...

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