Seat Leon >> Selective unlocking system*

This system allows for unlocking only the driver's door, or all the vehicle.

Driver's door unlock button
This is done by a simple unlocking (once). This can be done with the key or the remote control.

With the key, rotate the key once in the lock cylinder in the unlock direction.

The driver's door will be released from the “Safe” system and unlocked and may be opened. Once the door is opened, 15 seconds remain for turning on the ignition, in which moment, the “Safe” system will be deactivated on the remaining doors and the light indicator will be turned off. For vehicles fitted with an alarm, this system is deactivated.

Using the remote control, press the unlock button on the remote “Safe” system is deactivated for all the vehicle, only the driver's door is once. The “Safe” system is deactivated for all the vehicle, only the driver's door is unlocked for opening, the alarm is turned off as is the light indicator.

Unlocking all doors and the boot
So that all the doors and the boot can be opened, the unlock button the remote must be pressed twice. on the remote must be pressed twice.

The button must be pressed twice in under 2 seconds and this will deactivate the “Safe” system for all the vehicle, all doors will be unlocked and the bootwill be activated. The indicator will be turned off as will be the alarm for those vehicles fitted with one.

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