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The airbag system is not a substitute for the seat belts.

Fig. 17 Driver airbag

Fig. 17 Driver airbag located in steering wheel

Fig. 18 Front passenger

Fig. 18 Front passenger airbag located in dash panel

The front airbag for the driver is located in the steering wheel  fig. 17 and the airbag for the front passenger is located in the dash panel  fig. 18.

Airbags are identified by the text “AIRBAG”.

In conjunction with the seat belts, the front airbag system gives the front occupants additional protection for the head and chest in the event of a severe frontal collision  “Safety notes on front airbag system”.

In addition to their normal function of restraining the occupants, the seat belts also hold the driver and front passenger in a position where the airbags can provide maximum protection in a frontal collision.

The airbag system is not a substitute for seat belts, but is an integral part of the vehicle's overall passive safety system. Please bear in mind that the airbag system can only work effectively when the occupants are wearing their seat belts correctly and have adjusted the head restraints properly. For this reason, it is most important to wear the seat belts at all times - not only because this is required by law in most countries, but also for your safety  “Introduction”.

The main parts of the front airbag system are:
• an electronic control and monitoring system (control unit),
• the two front airbags (airbag with gas generator) for the driver and front passenger,
• a warning lamp insert. in the dash panel insert.

The functionality of the airbag system is monitored electronically. The airbag warning lamp will light up for a few seconds every time the ignition is switched on (self-diagnosis).

There is a fault in the system if the warning lamp • does not come on when the ignition is switched on,
• does not come on when the ignition is switched on,
• does not go out about 4 seconds after the ignition is switched on,
• goes out and then comes on again after the ignition is switched on,
• or if it comes on or flickers while the car is moving.

The front airbag system will not be triggered if:
• if the ignition is switched off,
• during a minor frontal collision,
• during a minor side collision,
• during a rear-end collision,
• or if the vehicle rolls.


• The seat belts and airbags can only provide maximum protection if the occupants are seated correctly “Proper sitting position for occupants”.
• If a fault should occur in the airbag system, have the system checked immediately by a qualified workshop. Otherwise there is a danger that during a frontal collision, the system may fail to trigger, or not trigger correctly.

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