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The belt tension devices are components of the seat belts that are installed in the seats of your vehicle. If you work on the belt tension devices or remove and install parts of the system when performing other repair work, the seat belt may be damaged. The consequence may be that, in the event of an accident, the belt tension devices function incorrectly or not at all.

So that the effectiveness of the belt tension device is not reduced and that removed parts do not cause any injuries or environmental pollution, regulations, which are known to the qualified workshops, must be observed.


• If repairs are not carried out by a professional, or if the belt tension devices are used incorrectly, the risk of severe or fatal injuries increases.

The belt tension devices may fail to trigger or may trigger in the wrong circumstances.
• Never attempt to repair, adjust, remove or install parts of the belt tension devices or seat belts.
• The belt tension device and seat belt including its automatic retractor cannot be repaired.
• Any work on the belt tension devices and seat belts, including the removal and refitting of system parts in conjunction with other repair work, must be performed by a qualified workshop only.
• The belt tension devices will only provide protection for one accident and must be changed it they have been activated.

    Function of the belt tension device
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