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Many people believe that the occupants can protect themselves with their hands in a minor collision, this is false.

Fig. 8 A driver not

Fig. 8 A driver not wearing a seat belt is thrown forward violently.

Fig. 9 The unbelted rear

Fig. 9 The unbelted rear passenger is thrown forward violently, hitting the driver wearing a seat belt.

Even at low speeds the forces acting on the body in a collision are so great that it is not possible to brace oneself with one's hands. In a frontal collision, unbelted passengers are thrown forward and will make violent contact with the steering wheel, dashboard, windscreen or whatever else is in the way  fig. 8.

The airbag system is not a substitute for the seat belts. When deployed, airbags provide only additional protection. All occupants (including the driver) must be wearing seat belts properly during the trip. This will reduce the risk of severe injuries in the event of an accident – regardless of whether an airbag is fitted for the seat.

Note that airbags can be triggered only once. To achieve the best possible protection, the seat belt must always be worn properly so that you will be protected in accidents in which no airbag is deployed.

It is also important for the rear passengers to wear seat belts properly, as they could otherwise be thrown forward violently in an accident. Rear passengers who do not use seat belts endanger not only themselves but also the front occupants  fig. 9.

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