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All luggage and other loose objects must be safely secured in the luggage compartment.

Unsecured objects which shift back and forth could impair the driving safety or driving characteristics of the vehicle by shifting the centre of gravity.

– Distribute the load evenly in the luggage compartment.
– Lay and stow heavy luggage as far forward as possible in the luggage compartment.
– Stow heavy luggage as low as possible in the luggage compartment.
– Secure heavy objects to the fitted fastening rings.


• Loose luggage and other objects in the luggage compartment can cause serious injuries.
• Always stow objects in the luggage compartment and secure them on the fastening rings.
• Use suitable specialist straps to secure heavy objects.
• During sudden manoeuvres or accidents, loose objects can be thrown forward, injuring vehicle occupants. This increased risk of injury will be further increased if a loose object is struck by an inflating airbag. If this happens, objects can be transformed into “missiles”. Risk of fatal injury.
• Please note that the centre of gravity may shift when transporting heavy objects; this may affect the vehicle's handling and lead to an accident.

Therefore, it is essential to adjust your speed and driving style accordingly, to avoid accidents.
• Never exceed the allowed axle loads or allowed maximum weight. If the allowed axle load or the allowed total weight is exceeded, the driving characteristics of the vehicle may change, leading to accidents, injuries and damage to the vehicle.
• Never leave your vehicle unattended, especially when the tailgate is open. Children could climb into the luggage compartment closing the door behind them; they will remain trapped without help and there is a mortal risk.
• Never allow children to play in or around the vehicle. Close and lock both the tailgate and all the doors when you leave the vehicle. Before you lock the vehicle, make sure that there are no adults or children in the vehicle.
• Never transport passengers in the luggage compartment. Every passenger must be properly belted.

• Air circulation in the vehicle helps reduce fogging of the windows. Used air escapes through ventilation slits in the side trim of the luggage compartment.

Ensure that the ventilation slits are never covered.
• Straps for securing the load to the fastening rings are commercially available.

    Fastening rings
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