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Before reading this manual it must be understood

This manual describes the vehicle equipment at the time of publication.

Some of the equipment described here will not be available until a later date, or is available only in certain markets.

Because this is a general manual for the LEON, some of the equipment and functions that are described in this manual are not included in all types or variants of the model or model year; they may vary or be modified in accordance with technical or market requirements or model year; this can not be interpreted as dishonest advertising. Illustrations are intended as a general guide, and may vary from the equipment fitted in your vehicle in some details.

The direction indications (left, right, front, rear) appearing in this manual refer to the normal forward working direction of the vehicle except when otherwise indicated.

The equipment marked with an asterisk* is fitted as standard only in determined model versions, are supplied as optional only for some versions or model year, or are only offered in different countries.

® All registered marks are indicated with ®. Even if the copyright symbol does not appear this does not mean that the mark is not copyrighted.

The section is continued on the following page.
Indicates the end of a section.

Texts with this symbol contain safety information. They warn you of serious dangers, possibly involving accident or injury.

Texts with this symbol draw your attention to a possible risk of damage to your vehicle.

For the sake of the environment
Texts with this symbol refer to points relevant to the protection of the environment.

Texts with this symbol contain additional information of a more general nature. In certain countries there may be different units of measurement than the ones used in this manual. For example, miles and gallons may be used instead of kilometres and litres.

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