Seat Leon >> Adjusting selector mechanism

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Locking pin - T10027A

Controls, housing

Conditions for the adjustment

  • Drive and transmission elements of the gear drive mechanism in perfect condition.
  • Selector mechanism must move freely.
  • Gearbox, clutch and clutch mechanism in perfect condition.
  • Gearbox in neutral.


  • Pull locking mechanisms on gate selector cable and gear selector cable end-pieces forward to stop -direction of arrow 1- and then turn to left to lock -direction of arrow 2-.

Lock selector shaft as follows:

  • Press selector shaft down in -direction of arrow 1-.
  • While pressing down selector shaft, turn angled rod -A- in -direction of arrow 2- and at the same time press it in until it engages in selector shaft.

Controls, housing

  • Using removal wedge -T10383/1- , carefully pry gear lever boot off centre console insert -arrows-.

Controls, housing

  • Pull boot up and over gear knob.

Note Ignore -arrow-.

Now secure gear lever as follows:

  • Move gear lever to neutral position and, if necessary, keep pressing the gear lever to the left.
  • Insert the locking pin - T10027 A- in the bore -C- through the noise insulation -A- and the bore -B-.

Controls, housing

  • Gate and selector cables -B- must be inserted, free of tension, into locking mechanisms -A-.
  • Now turn locking mechanisms on gear selector cable and gate selector cable end pieces clockwise to stop -direction of arrow 1-.

The spring presses the locking mechanism into normal position in direction of -arrow 2-.

  • Turn angle lever -A- back to the initial position -in direction of arrow-.
  • During this procedure, locking pin -A- must be pressed out of gearbox in -direction of arrow-.

  • Pull locking pin - T10027 A- out of noise insulation -A- and holes -B- and -C-.
  • Install gaiter with selector knob.
  • Ensure that the selector shaft can move freely.

Controls, housing

Gear mechanism: verification

  • With gearbox in neutral, selector lever must be in selector lever gate for 3rd and 4th gear.
  • Engage clutch.
  • Select all the gears several times. Pay particular attention to the operation of the reverse gear locking mechanism.
  • If it continues to be difficult to engage a gear after repeated attempts, repeat adjustment procedure of selector mechanism.

Seal for the selector shaft: replacement

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Tube element - VW 423-

Controls, housing

  • Sealing grease
  • For grease allocation, refer to - Electronic parts catalogue (ETKA) .


  • Remove gearbox selector lever and gate relay lever.
  • Lever seal out using a screwdriver.
  • Lightly oil outer circumference of new oil seal.
  • Fill space between sealing lip and dust lip -arrow- with sealing grease .

Controls, housing

Inserting oil seal -A- onto stop

  • Install gearbox selector lever and gate relay lever

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