Seat Leon >> Removing and installing brake calliper piston

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Wedge - 3409-

Brakes - hydraulics

  • Thrust piece - T10145-

Brakes - hydraulics


  • When carrying out repairs, install all parts supplied in repair kit.
  • Use only methylated spirits for cleaning the brake.
  • Apply thin coat of assembly paste G 052 150 A2 to brake cylinder, piston and sealing ring.


Note Place a piece of wood in the cavity so that the piston does not get damaged.

  • Force piston out of brake calliper housing using compressed air.

  • Remove seal using wedge - 3409- .

Note When removing protect the cylinder from damage.


  • The piston and join ring surfaces can only be cleaned using alcohol and immediately dried.
  • Before fitting the piston and seal ring, apply a thin coating of assembly paste.
  • Introduce the join ring into the brake caliper housing.
  • Place protective cap with outer sealing lip on piston.

  • Using the removal wedge - 3409- , insert the inner sealing lip into the groove of cylinder.

Brakes - hydraulics

Note During this operation, the piston has to be supported in front of the brake caliper housing.

  • Insert the brake caliper piston using the press tool - T10145- .

Note The outer sealing lip of the protective cap will then locate in the groove on the piston.

    Assembly overview - front brake caliper
    Exploded view - brake calliper FS III - Protective cap Fit onto bleeder valve. - Bleeder screw Before inserting, lightly grease the thread with assembly paste G 052 150 A2 ...

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