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Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Release tool - T10159 A- or
  • Release tool - T10159 B

Brakes - mechanism


  • Remove driver's side knee airbag and cover (depends on version).

Work sequence for disconnecting:

  • Depress the brake pedal and hold depressed.
  • Fit the removal tool - T10159 A- or -T10159 B- and pull towards driver's seat (whilst the pedal remains depressed).

This will press the retaining lugs -3- of the mounting off the ball head of the push rod -2-.

  • Pull the release tool further and pull the brake pedal in the direction of the driver seat.

The brake pedal is thereby detached from the ball coupling of the push rod.

Switching on:

Brakes - mechanism

  • Hold ball head of plunger rod in front of mounting and push brake pedal in direction of brake servo, so that the ball head clicks into place.

Remaining installation steps are carried out in reverse sequence; note the following:

  • Install driver's side knee airbag and cover (depends on version).

Brakes - mechanism

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