Seat Leon >> Removing and installing brake disc

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Tool insert - T10035-

Brakes - mechanism


  • Remove the brake pads.
  • Remove the bolts -arrows- of the brake carrier -1-.
  • Remove brake carrier -1-.

Brakes - mechanism

  • Screw out bolt - arrow - for brake disc - 1 -.
  • Remove brake disc -1- from the wheel hub.



Never clean the brake system with compressed air; harmful dust particles will be released.

Only use methylated spirits to clean the brake calliper.

Brakes - mechanism

  • Clean brake disc and wheel hub.


  • Fit brake disc onto wheel hub.

Note Take care to keep the brake disc straight when fitting it on the wheel hub.


Use new bolts.

  • Screw in the bolt -arrow- for the brake disc -1- and tighten.

Brakes - mechanism

  • Install the brake carrier -1- and tighten the bolts -arrow-.
  • Fit the brake pads.

Brakes - mechanism


After installing the brake pads, depress pedal firmly several times with the vehicle stationary, so that the brake pads are properly seated in their normal operating position.

Make sure that the brakes work properly before the vehicle is driven on the road.

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