Seat Leon >> Full Link connection process

NOTICE A data connection via WiFi or via SIM is not necessary to establish the connection to the smartphone using Full Link.

However, in order for all features of the applications to be available, a data connection via WiFi or via SIM is required.

Please proceed as follows to use Full Link:

  1. Switch on infotainment.
  2. Connect the smartphone to the USB cable at the USB connection.
  3. Select the following in the main menu of the Infotainment system:

    3.1. Full Link
    3.1.1. Settings Activate data transfer for SEAT Apps: switch on Preferred connection type: Choice between Mirror Link or Android Auto (only for Android phones compatible with both technologies. In the case of phones with the iOS system, the connection is automatically established if the phone is compatible) Select device from the list of devices.


NOTICE Depending on the device, it may be necessary to unlock it so that a connection can be established.

4th A message appears informing that the data transfer will begin once the device is switched on. Press OK.

  1. The technology compatible with your device can now be used.

Interior and exterior body: Perform visual check for corrosion when doors and flaps are open

Test locations

  • Sunroof frame
  • Inner and outer door frame
  • Area around trim strips
  • Windscreen roof edge
  • Outer and inner A-pillar
  • Bonnet
  • Wheel housings
  • Inner and outer tailgate
    Check condition of sealing cap and natural gas filler connection, clean if necessary and check seal
    Open tank flap and remove protective cap from natural gas filler neck. Check the presence and condition of the sealing ring -1-. Check natural gas filler neck for dirt, damage and surface cor ...

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