Seat Leon >> Determine the service type

Service identification for all vehicles using the PR number:

  • The service intervals depend on the following PR numbers:
    "QI6" means Longlife Service (flexible service interval).
    "QI1", "QI2", "QI3", "QI4" or "QI7" indicates time or distance dependent service (fixed service interval).
  • Check the vehicle PR no. on the vehicle data sticker.


Vehicles with PR number "QI6" are equipped with activated Longlife Service (flexible service intervals) ex-factory, it is however possible, to modify the programming to time or distance dependent service (fixed service interval).

Vehicles with PR numbers "QI1", "QI2", "QI3", "QI4" or "QI7" are equipped with time or distance dependent intervals (fixed service intervals) ex-factory. It is not possible to modify the programming with these vehicles.

Note the service instructions on the multifunction touchscreen:

  • Switch on the ignition.
  • Switch on the multi-functional touchscreen -1-.
  • Press the "CAR" button.
  • Press "SETTINGS" on the touchscreen.
  • Scroll down the menu until "Service" appears.
  • Press "Service" on the touchscreen.

    The Service reference appears on the multifunction touchscreen.


    Longlife service
    The Longlife Service enables longer service intervals according to the respective personal driving style and the operating conditions of the vehicle. NOTICE For the Longlife service a special Long ...

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