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Drying or setting time


Special standards must be adhered to when replacing bonded windows. One of these standards is, for example, that a freshly bonded windscreen must comply with the safety requirements, even in an accident, following the minimum prescribed curing period.

The minimum curing period for the 2-component window adhesive is 2 hours for all the windows.

Minimum curing period is the time from bonding the window until vehicle may be used. During this time, the vehicle must stand on a level surface at room temperature (at least 15 ºC).


Vehicle is safe to use only after the curing period is completed.

Window repair


  • Before renewing windscreen, explore possibilities of repairingdamage to glass.
  • Damaged windscreens can be repaired - VAS 6092- with thewindscreen repair kit.
  • This damage must not exceed a certain size or position.
  • Each window repair kit comes with a set of instructions.

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Window repair kit - VAS 6092-

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