Seat Leon >> Selector lever locking

The selector lever lock prevents gears from being engaged inadvertently, which would cause the vehicle to move.

Fig. 120 Deactivating the

Fig. 120 Deactivating the lock

Releasing the selector lever lock
– Start the vehicle.
– Press and hold the brake pedal, at the same time press the button on the selector lever.

The lock is only activated when the vehicle is stopped or at a speed of less than 5 km/h. At higher speeds, the lock is automatically released in position N.

For rapid changes of position (e.g. from R to D) the lever will not lock. If the lever remains in the position N more than one second then it is locked. With the automatic lock, the lever is prevented from passing from P and N to any other gear without first pressing the brake pedal.

The selector lever must be put in the position P in order to remove the key.

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