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The operation and freedom of movement of all pedals must never be impaired by objects or floor mats.

– Ensure that you can always press the accelerator, brake and clutch pedals unimpaired to the floor.
– Ensure that the pedals can return unimpaired to their initial positions.

Use only floor mats that leave the pedal area free and can be securely fastened in the foot well.

If a brake circuit fails, the brake pedal must be free to move further than normal in order to bring the vehicle to a stop.

Wear suitable shoes
Always wear shoes which support your feet properly and give you a good feel for the pedals.


• Restricting pedal operation can lead to critical situations while driving.
• Never place objects in the driver foot well. An object could move into the pedal area and impair pedal operation. In the event of a sudden driving or braking manoeuvre, you will not be able to operate the brake, clutch or accelerator pedal. Risk of accident!

    Floor mats on the driver side
    Only floor mats may be used which can be securely fastened in the foot well and do not impair operation of the pedals. – Ensure that the floor mats are securely fastened during the trip and do no ...

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